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Pleasant Surprise.

5 stars

I went with a friend to Iowa City for a day of window shopping and after having a rather abysmal lunch we tried for redemption at another restaurant. We went a bit early so it was fairly quiet. We ate in the bar area, since we didn't want to trek up a flight of stairs after a long day. We made it before the end of happy hour, wines were on special, so we each had a glass of champagne. it was wonderful! I ordered the mussels with a small order of focaccia, from the appetizers menu. And my friend ordered an entree of duck. The mussels were amazing, with delicious chopped tomatoes and garlic that went well with the bread. The duck was also very good, and generous enough for a take home portion. We will make the effort to drive over with our husbands in tow, for an afternoon of wandering followed by dinner at this restaurant.

- Anonymous, Iowa
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Thank Goodness for Orchard Green!

5 stars

We moved to IC 3 years ago from Charlotte, NC. While there are a few really nice resturants in IC, Orchard Green is such a refreshing change and welcomed by us. The food is wonderful; I always order seafood of somekind and my husband pork. Just last week I dined at the Biltmore (DeerPark Inn) in Asheville, NC and noted during our meal that the food at Orchard Green was hands down better than the DeerPark Inn,previously one of my favorites.

- Anonymous, Coralville
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Innovative and fresh cuisine compares with Chicago's best.

5 stars

We enjoyed a marvelous dinner here last weekend while attending the Iowa Summer Writing Festival. What a pleasant surprise, even to us Chicagoans who are used to our pick of fine dining places! This upscale but comfortable restaurant is a short 4-block walk from downtown, and the ambience was relaxed and elegant, with many booths that allowed for quiet conversation. The food was terrific, fresh and innovative, and a great wine and beer list as well. Our server was attentive and helpful. All in all, a great experience; I highly recommended Orchard Green to fellow attendees at the Writing Festival.

- Anne Rooney, Coralville
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Great food.

5 stars

My husband and I have been there twice and both times we really enjoyed the food. My husband had the chicken and I had the scallops. Both dishes were excellent. Hightly recommend it.

- Eliza E, Iowa City
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Great addition to the IC food scene!

5 stars

Great food, wonderful people and a very warm, attractive venue. What more could you ask for! Brian and Shelly have given us another excellent option for fine dining in Iowa City.

The steaks are prime and the fresh offerings from the waters are amazing. Nice wine list as well.

- Mvmess, Iowa City
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4 stars

I have been to Orchard Green twice now, and both times I have been impressed by the food.

For appetizers we started with the focaccia. The bread arrived soft, warm and absolutely melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The dipping sauces (olive oil with lemon peel, garlic and pesto?) were perfect complements to the pillowy bread slices. We also tried the baba ghanouj and hummus with cut vegetables, crostini and pita. The spreads were very good and the veggies were crisp and fresh. The vegetable frito misto was also quite good - everything was nicely cooked and crisp. I love it when restaurants showcase fresh vegetables!

For a main this time I went with the pistachio crusted Walleye (having never tried it before - plus it's relatively local!). The fish was served with asparagus, artichokes, preserved lemon, and little potato pancakes. The fish itself was fantastic - tender, juicy and with a really great texture (more chew than flake). It didn't have a distinctly fishy taste, which I quite liked. The pistachio crust was great with the Walleye, adding a nice crunch and flavor to the dish. The little potato pancakes were delicious, if a tad on the oily side, and the asparagus was perfectly cooked. I ate each and every bite of this dish.

My dining companions tried the vegetable risotto (one of the better vegetarian entrees we've had in Iowa City), and the roast duck with sesame cous cous, honey, pears, and figs. By the time the dessert menu came around we were all too stuffed to spring for the strawberry cheesecake. Maybe next time...

We'll be back again for sure.

- Caroyln D, Iowa City
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